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Bringing sound purity back to life, these remarkable Gennari Valve Amplifiers are designed to bring you the ultimate in audio perfection.


Vacuum Tube Stereo Integrated Amplifier


Gennari RV-180, producing a massive 90 + 90 Watts per channel and arguably, the most powerful valve amp in Australia.

The RV-180 has taken more than 3 years to develop with my technical team and was designed to surpass the already famous RV-160. The new RV-180 moves away from the conservative look by introducing an exciting and classy appearance, with emphasis always focused on producing the best in sound quality.

We have striven to create the RV-180 as the best valve amplifier yet – incorporating a true 240 VAC mains transformer (essential for Australian conditions – almost all valve amps sold in Australia come with 220VAC mains transformer, often disguised as ‘230VAC’.  The amplifier will run at over-voltage and burn up), top quality and matched Ruby EL-34BHT (high plate voltage/low distortion) output valves and ‘noiseless’ output transformers. 

We have added a ‘Standby’ switch for the avid listeners – no time to wait as is can take up to 10 mins to warm up the output valves to proper operating conditions.

Reputation and pride play a big part in the design of the RV-180.

To achieve 90 + 90 Watts RMS per channel is unheard of!

These are outstanding specs, but more importantly, just relax and listen!

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