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Push Pull Class AB.
Power Output: 2 x 90 Watts RMS, both channels driven (0db, RMS)
Frequency response: 
20Hz – 20KHz +/- 0.5db @ 1Volt RMS
Total harmonic Distortion(THD): Less than .5% at 1 KHz – 10Watts nominal power
Signal to Noise ratio (S/N): 
Greater than 90db
Input Impedance: 100kOhm
Output Load Impedance: 8 or 4 ohm
Tube Configuration
Pre amp: 2 x 12AX7AC5 (Ruby); 2 x 12AU7C (Ruby) 

Power Amp: 8 x EL34BSTR (Ruby)
240VAC, 50Hz
Power consumption: 465Watts max.
 430mm  x 280mm x 200mm
Weight: 18.75kgs Net

Warranty: 1 year parts and labour
(except valves – 3 months)*

Safety Precautions

  1. Allow 7 -14 days for output valves to settle in to produce their best sound.
  2. Do not place amplifier in humid areas.
  3. Keep the amplifier well ventilated and not in a confined space where it may over-heat.
  4. Do not place objects on the top of the amplifier.
  5. Keep original carton and packing for shipment or storage.
  6. Switch off ‘Standby’ if amplifier is not used on a daily basis.
  7. Use only soft cloth for cleaning, making sure power is switched off. Do not use alcohol, wet cleaning agents or volatile liquids on tubes.
  8. Keep drinks away from the amplifier.
  9. Keep volume at minimum when powering on. 

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